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The eLife™ Card is a multi-segmented and highly encrypted microprocessor Smart Card with significant memory storage, providing a secure healthcare database reference vehicle for both the healthcare industry and the patient, as well as flexible and encrypted partitions for other Smart Card applications, allowing the card holder to manage multiple daily activities with one wallet-size card, such as healthcare, transport, debit, credit, access, and secure identification. The eLife Card™ is the most comprehensive medical data identification card ever introduced to the public, and adheres to all encryption and security requirements mandated by international governments and financial organizations, as well as medical regulations such as HIPAA.  The infrastructure for this card provides for contact and/or contact-less transactions, dependant upon the application and security requirements (under U.S. HIPAA regulations, medical data transfer must be via direct and/or controlled contact, and not a wireless transmission).  The software for this database has been developed for standard PC and Network Server environments, and can be implemented in most healthcare facilities without major modifications.  CLI will implement these capabilities in several international test facilities for beta testing, as well as facilities in the United States, under management of our U.S. affiliate, Card Logistics Corporation (CLC).  Note that the international healthcare industry is highly driven to implement Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for reduction of costs, management of health records and patient identification, as well as improvement of life safety.  Verification of this trend can be confirmed throughout international healthcare publications. Countries that have implemented EMR are in search of a physical vehicle to provide transportability of the records, and similar locales that are now using Smart Cards for other applications (Transport, Immigration, Identification, et al) are interested in adopting an EMR system with a multi-use Smart Card to provide a revenue return (via health care savings) on the global implementation, versus a cost burden these applications may incur.  In short, the eLife™ Card is an attractive vehicle from many aspects, and can be dynamically structured to meet a variety of client product/application delivery and budgetary requirements.

As an insight to the flexibility of the patented implementation of the eLife™ Card, consider that the same multi-use capability is also the basis of the CLP-patented product known as the Casino Pass™, for which CLI has been granted the global license for marketing and distribution.  Casino Pass™ provides for the ‘entertainment’ industry a hospitality/loyalty Smart Card that will enable either a minimal implementation, such as tracking the number of visits and expenditures at the Casino by their regular patrons, or as integrated as recording the gambling credits, gains, and losses by the players while validating the identity and security and of the card holder.  In addition, via adaptation of the casino premises to accept MiFare communication standards, the Casino Pass™ can provide the patrons access to their room, as well as special events or facilities within the casino.   All of these functions can be segmented within the card, with the appropriate security encryption for each segment.

Casinos and/or their patrons can perform updates to the Casino Pass™ via the use of a multiple-format card reader, known as the Mag-Smart Reader™, another patented product from CLP provided under agreement to CLI for marketing and distribution.  This reader will accept magnetic stripe, Wiegand proximity, or MIFARE standards (as described previously), can be connected to the facility systems and networks via multiple communication interfaces, and allow the card owner to provide secure validation by PIN entry.  The Mag-Smart Reader™ permits an immediate implementation of the Casino Pass™ without the requirement to modify the facility standards, and provides for acceptance of standard Magnetic Stripe Credit and Debit Cards.   Upgrade of the facility to extend the use of the Casino Pass™ can be implemented in phases, with application upgrades providing added CLI revenue.  From CLI’s perspective, the Casino Pass™ Card represents a short-term multiple unit sales opportunity within both casinos and large hospitality venues worldwide.  The product is a result of direct inquiry by CLP/CLI principals to casinos operators, who have requested this type of service resource for their operations and patrons. The Hospitality and Entertainment industries have recognized the cost benefit of retaining their current clients (versus cost of replacement by new clients) through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and related technologies, and the Smart Card vehicle represents a highly efficient CRM technology either as a stand-alone device or when coupled with Data Warehousing software.

The Mag-Smart Reader™ is a flexible and attractive product, offering CLI sales opportunities independent of the either the eLife™ or Casino Pass™ Cards, as existing Smart Card (MIFARE) suppliers are often required to accept and integrate current Magnetic Stripe and/or Wiegand card formats during their client’s transition to the latest communication standards.  Transport, Identity, and Security Access and other applications and related suppliers are prospective users of the Mag-Smart Reader™ and therefore this product merits an independent marketing effort (e.g. advertising, collateral, focused marketing) from CLI.

Card Logistics International, through its relationship with Card Logistics Properties and their assigned manufacturers, has the processor chips, the hardware, and the embedded software components to provide the application solutions documented herein without additional development.  However, because of the flexibility in design and negotiated right to modify the eLife™ and Casino Pass™ Cards under the current licensing agreement, the potential to build application solutions for other possible markets is intended. The continuing development of this technology will allow for diverse marketing opportunities in CLI’s future.  CLI intends to manage its own software and hardware R&D facilities or subcontractor relationships within this technology, allowing for rapid adaptation of our products to meet the developing marketplace requirements.