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Contents of new "eLife Smart Card" system

The eLife Card™ smart card can hold up to 4 Mbytes of data, which includes the following information: personal identification, with or without picture; allergies; medications; medical history; emergency contacts; advanced directives (living will or Five Wishes); preexisting medical conditions; will and probate; insurance provider; religious preferences; doctor visits; pharmacy integration to track prescriptions; organ donor status, lab testing/results and images of MRI's, CAT's, X-Ray and others


Software Tabs

The following software tabs will let all users Read/Write the following information:


  • General Information
  • Allergies                        
  • Vital Signs                      
  • Prescriptions/Medications    
  • Immunizations                 
  • Advanced Directives          
  • Contacts                        
  • Practitioners                    
  • Medical Records and History              
  • Lab Testing                     
  • Images                          
  • Surgical                         
  • Religion                         
  • Disclaimer
  • Other Insurance                       
  • Future Use 


Name, Address, DOB, Height, Picture, etc.
Patient known Active Allergies Conditions
Patients historical Vital Signs, BP, Pulse, Pulmonary
Doctor Prescriptions for Patient
Latest Shots, Hepatitis A,B,C, TD, etc.
Living Will or 5 Wishes used in 42 States
Emergency Contacts
Primary Care Physician and all treating Physicians
Health Records, Patient Pre-Existing Conditions
Laboratory tests or Test Results including Blood, etc.
All scanned Photos, Pictures, CAT, MRI, EBT, Xray, etc.
Any Surgical Procedures
Religious Beliefs
State or Local Authority
Home, Auto, Boat, etc. For Future Use this TAB
For Future Use this TAB

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