What is a Portable Medical Record?
It is a Health Record that is Portable that you can carry with you in your wallet or handbag. Using Smart Card Technology and Encryption the Card Logistics eLife Card™ is a patent protected Medical Information Storage Technology system that is the size of a Credit Card.

Data that could be used for a Smartcard for example:
• Pre-existing Medical Condition
• Medications & Prescriptions
• Allergies/Diseases
• Advanced Directives, Living Will or 5 Wishes
• All Treating Physicians
• Emergency Contact Information
• And more……

Information Management Issues in Healthcare
• The paper-based, fragmented U.S. healthcare system, as thoroughly documented by the (IOM) Institute of Medicine and others, is broken.
• Health information technology and electronic connectivity can help transform the system to better meet the needs of patients and their families. The widespread adoption of clinician-controlled electronic health records (EHRs) is critical — but not enough.
• A key part of a necessary transformation in healthcare is putting patients’ information directly into their own hands, and enabling patients to put often-missing information into the hands of their clinicians (e.g., what medications they are actually taking).
• Personal health records (PHRs) can and should play an important role in helping bridge an information gap that exists too often today between people and the health professionals who serve them.

Challenges of Emergency Personnel in the field
• When EMS is called to a remote accident, what do they know about this accident victim?
• Can the Patient talk to EMS to give important information
• Does the Patient speak English or cannot talk because of injuries
• What Prescriptions are they currently taking
• Any known Allergic Reactions or Allergies?
• Allows individuals to use their Medical Records during an Emergency to Notify EMS of Life Saving Information
• Using an “eLife Card” the EMT can now Stabilize the Patient on site, because he/she Medical Records are on the Smart Card they will know what treatment to provide in saving their life before reaching the ER.

Healthcare - Why Smartcard Based Solutions?
• Why Smartcard and personal healthcare records? Why now?
• Simply put, healthcare industry is going through transformation, and it needs to be streamline information management required by HIPAA.
• An important part of this transformation is putting patients’ information into their own hands and being portable.
• New national policies and regulations related to healthcare services improvement and compliance with HIPAA deadlines approaching in 2008.
• There are enormous technical, economic, professional, legal and policy challenges to the goal of a universally accessible, fully functional PHR.
• Smartcard based solutions are secured, cost-effective and accessible by individual patients and on-demand by care-givers.

Benefits of Smart Cards
• Many Patients Lack Control over their Health Records
• Maintained at Clinics, Pharmacies and Hospitals
• Unable to move records from Doctor to Doctor, without paying for them to be copied and sent, which takes weeks
• Traveling outside the provider area or taking a trip overseas
• Allows the Patients to keep their records with them
• Updating via internet, changes to address or hair color, etc.
• Reduce time and cost, for both the Patient and Hospital.
• Used with Card Readers or Kiosk eliminates duplicated paperwork.
• Having the eLife Card accessible for 28 Multi-Languages.
• Access to their records 24 X 7.
Card Logistics will be a leader in smart card technology and will customize a solution that will revolutionize the way you do business.

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