Customer Centric Solutions:


CardLogistics has established both the manufacturing service and distribution networks for delivery of it's core products and services. Working closely with technology suppliers, CardLogistics achieves reduced time-to-market for new products and services worldwide.

CardLogistics will be in the forefront of Medical Information Storage Technology, Smart Card Technology, Biometrics, CASINOPASS™, and eLife Card™ to provide secured and cost-effective solutions for healthcare, government, medical institutions and Casinos.

CardLogistics core expertise includes smart card technology, encryption, software, hardware, databases, embossing, IP and wireless integration. This empowers CardLogistics to shape the future in multiple healthcare and casino sectors around the world.

Card Logistics has been developing patent-protected specialized designs for over 7 years with an investment of 3.5 million dollars on implementing high to low volume memory/microprocessor card-based personalization software and hardware equipment solutions for the Medical Information Storage eLife Card™ System and CASINOPASS™. We are the only personalization card vendor to offer software that supports both healthcare and entertainment industry.

We offer competitive advantages through flexibility, value and innovation.

We will pioneer the development of smart card personalization solutions, and have developed unique market leading software solutions that help our clients attain cost effective compliance worldwide.