About Card Logistics:

"Our philosophy is no individual customer is the same, therefore no individual solution will be the same. We take the time to listen to our customer's needs and develop a solution that exceeds their expectations."

Card Logistics International (CLI) will be a leading provider of card personalization and secure identity services. We will provide solutions for Governments, Healthcare, and targeted Corporations through the world.

Card Logistics will be at the forefront of developing solutions and services for smart card technologies and biometrics. This includes healthcare integration of medical systems and the entertainment / hospitality industries

Card Logistics will specialize in complementary product lines within its smart card Healthcare Integration and development business units. Our core expertise in smart card technology, encryption, software, databases, data communication, embossing, and hardware integration will be empowering Card Logistics to shape the future in electronic healthcare transactions and other integration solutions using both our advanced smart cards and complimentary technologies.

Latest News
SMKG (Smart Card Marketing Systems) stocks has increased $0.0038 from last week's $0.0062, placing SMKG at $0.01, a 258% increase.

Card Logistics is currently working on better functionality of the smart card as well as additional software.

Medical Information

This demo shows how helpful smart cards can be.